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Below you will find the questions we get the most.
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We always drop by. It is not possible to estimate a situation from behind our computer through photos. In addition, we would like to hear what your wishes are and we want to give appropriate advice. We work with a fixed price that includes everything per type of work and very rarely work in direction.

First and foremost: you are insured for this. Glass breakage is included in every fire insurance and you will probably have it. We will come by and make a damage assessment. If your roof window was installed after 2001, we can replace the glass. If it dates from before 2001, we unfortunately have to replace the entire roof window.

The manufacturer's warranty on the products we install varies from manufacturer to manufacturer. The statutory contractor's warranty is standard 10 years, but we are moving away from that. We think that's not enough, so we're extending our own contractor's warranty to 20 years. That's how it should be, right?

Our installation team consists of professionals with experience in various branches of construction. From glaziers to roofers. We have already installed more than a thousand roof windows in all possible types of pitched and flat roofs. Look at INSPIRATION to see the counter running.

Have a look with which manufacturers we work together and do something inspiration up to see what we're doing. Light in your home? We can help you with it.

Of course. We often work with architects who request our expertise in the field of daylight and we also do this for private individuals. It is free advice if you decide to work with us.

Most roofs can support much more for their own weight. After all, they must not budge an inch during heavy snowfall. Our domes and skylights usually weigh 70-80kg per square metre. But, when in doubt, we call in a stability engineer.

As big as you want. Length, width, angle of inclination… None of this plays a role. Whatever you want, we can supply it.

Yes, provided the gravitational forces are captured and diverted. There are some rules to guarantee stability. Take a look at our examples to see how we solve it.

Usually not… But of course that is not an answer. The rule for roof windows is the following: the bottom of the roof window must be further than three meters as the crow flies from the boundary with the neighbors. You always need a permit for dormer windows. There are always exceptions contact us.

Have you received a quote and want to approve it? Super! An agreement by e-mail is sufficient. We will send you an advance invoice of approximately 10% of the quotation price and order the products once we have received the advance payment. Please wait for the delivery. We will then call you a week in advance to put together our agenda. After installation we call you to check on your satisfaction, then the final invoice follows and you're done.

Once the order has been placed, we have to wait for our manufacturer. Fortunately, you are not our only customer, we have a full order book. It is important to coordinate with your representative when the installation can proceed. If it has to be done quickly, you have a leak or it is part of a larger renovation, we have an ear for it.

Although it is less fun to work in the winter, we continue. Due to the reduced adhesive strength of adhesives, no work is carried out on flat roofs when it is colder than 5°. In case of heavy rainfall, we leave our craftsmen at home and inform you the same morning.

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