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domes and skylights.

Roof domes: guarantee of maximum light

A roof dome is a sustainable way to draw in maximum light. An opening dome provides optimal ventilation. Choose between a polycarbonate dome or a flat glass dome.

De Dakvensterinstallateur - Replacing the shell

Replacing the shell

The shell of a skylight can simply be replaced. An hour of work and you can look outside again. Place a dome up to five walls for optimum insulation and immediately opt for an opening model for ventilation.

Modernize a dome

Remove the old-fashioned upstands and install a more spacious and beautiful model. With a motor you operate the dome from a distance and you choose the best insulating models on the market.

New skylight to be installed

A dark kitchen? Always have to turn on the light? No ventilation in the bathroom? We can bring light and air under all flat roofs. Contact us for a sea of solutions.

Always with appropriate advice from
de Dakvensterinstallateur

Installing a skylight or dome is not something you do every day. Let our representatives advise you.
During our appointment you can ask all your questions and we will prepare a quote for free and without obligation!

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