We install skylights
domes and skylights.

We install skylights
domes and skylights.

Which statement applies to your situation?

"My skylights or domes are worn out."

"I want more light."

"I bought a house."

"It's too hot, too cold, or there's too much light."

"My skylights or domes are worn out."

"I only have skylights."

"I only have domes."

"I have both skylights and domes."

"I want more light."

"I want to renovate an existing attic."

"I want a dome in an extension."

"I want to install extra skylights."

"I bought a house."

"The deed has yet to expire - I don't have a key yet."

"The deed is already done, we can make an appointment."

"I bought a house, but I don't have a key yet."

"I want an appointment in the future."

"I want an appointment already."

"It's too hot, too cold, or there's too much light."

"I'm too hot in the summer."

"I'm too cold in winter."

"Too much light comes in through my skylights."

De Dakvensterinstallateur specializes in installing, replacing and repairing skylights and domes.
As a daylight consultant, we guide you during your renovation plans. Thanks to our annual refresher courses, we advise on the right amount of daylight, the optimal indoor climate and the automation of your skylights and domes.

The Roof Window Installer - Why replace now

Why replace now?

Lower energy consumption

The average U-value of double glazing or a double-walled skylight from the 1990s is 2.9 W/m2K. A new Velux skylight or a four-wall dome from Skylux insulates about 3 times better. And more daylight in the house ensures that you need less artificial light in your home. Not only good for the environment, it also reduces your energy bill.

More daylight

Daylight is a godsend. It makes us feel good. Ensuring sufficient daylight - via a skylight or dome - is therefore essential to get through the day in a balanced way and to avoid fatigue. The current skylights offer 10% more light for the same dimensions. It makes you really happy.

More comfort

A better acoustic performance, easier maintenance, more electrical applications and the quick installation make you no longer in doubt.



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